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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions of use of Cryptoz carefully before signing up as a user. Cryptoz terms will apply to your use of the website as well as to any services you use after you accept the terms and conditions. Your use with the website or any services will confirm your acceptance of these Terms.

The Client’s Responsibility

The Client is responsible for securing its username and password for accessing the account. The Company shall be entitled to receive a fee from the client regarding packages and the services on behalf of your selection. Investment is also subject to market risk. Therefore, it is your duty to invest wisely. Make sure to invest in your own capacity. The company shall not be responsible for any wrong investment or damage to the client’s financial assets. For your own assurance, avoid borrowing and investing.

Rights to change

The company obliges you to provide accurate and updated information on your identity. Don’t misrepresent yourself to be another individual. If you change any details of your identity, it will be notified to the company immediately under 7-14 days. If your data is incomplete, you need to fill in the correct data or contact our support services at the contact details mentioned on the site. 

Termination of the Agreement

Your “Agreement” may be terminated if it comes under the following set of conditions:

We have the right to terminate the agreement given to any party or client under 7-15 days’ notice. The written notice will be sent via phone and email. Therefore, the client will have the right to access and withdraw any remaining balance.

Cryptoz has the right to terminate the agreement immediately, block the client’s account, and return the remaining balance without any notice. The affecting circumstances may include the death of the client, bankruptcy, or breach of laws enacted by the client.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property 

Copyrights are the Company's property. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, or deliver the copyrighted material to any other parties or for personal use. Please note the changes in terms and conditions from time to time publish on the website.